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Never a Year Like 09′

JibJab’s Year In Review Plays Off 2009, With Help From Keyboard Cat

Jib-Jab Pokes Fun at 2009

JibJab’s 2009 Year in Review Takes on Kanye, Iran, Octomom

JibJab say ‘so long’ to ’09

JibJab Year In Review Video. A Funny Look Back At 2009

JibJab 2009 Year in Review

Jibjab Offers Animated Take on the Crazy Events of 2009

Below the Scroll: The Taylors split up, Kardashian gets $10,000 per tweet

A Decade Of Opinions: What Readers Said In Our Year-End Polls

Jib Jab’s: “Never a Year Like ’09” Seen here!

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