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Tag: 2009

  • New Weird Al Video Drops August 4th!

    We are moving ahead full speed on our collaboration with Weird Al Yankovic, putting together what has to be one of the most insane videos we’ve ever done.  What is it about?  That we cannot say until it’s release, but we can hit you with this teaser image to tide you over.  The video and…

  • Crunch Time

    We’ve been working our rear ends off for our upcoming Obama video, trying to get the animation done in time to tweak and gear up for our big release (date and time TBA). We started keeping a big calendar on the wall at the beginning of the month, and it was going good… for a…

  • We’re Workin’ On It!

    What are we working on?  Here’s a face you might recognize… Big updates within the next week!