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  • Justin Bieber and JibJab are “Sorry”

    New Justin Bieber video getting the Starring You eCard treatment? “Sorry” not sorry!

  • The first annual JibJab summer mix CD exchange!

    About a month ago, we kicked off summer by calling on the JibJab staff to create CDs with their favorite tunes to share in the first annual JibJab mix CD exchange! Not only were there some awesome mixes made, but our artists went above and beyond, creating epic album art. From folk to rock and…

  • New Weird Al Video Drops August 4th!

    We are moving ahead full speed on our collaboration with Weird Al Yankovic, putting together what has to be one of the most insane videos we’ve ever done.  What is it about?  That we cannot say until it’s release, but we can hit you with this teaser image to tide you over.  The video and…