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Cover Your Ears!

Once we start to feel comfortable with the lyrics, we will record a “scratch track”, which is an english term meaning “recording that will make your ears bleed because Evan and Gregg can’t sing”.

We use the scratch track for two purposes. First, we pull it into the computer and lay out our visual gags and storyboards against it to make sure the timing is working and identify any areas that may need new lyrics or new visuals. Second, to make sure we are 100% comfortable with the tempo/pace and lyrics before we go into a recording studio – which is insanely expensive!

In spite of the fact that this is HIGHLY EMBARRASSING material, we have decided to post the scratch track for your displeasure. Listen at your own risk…

14 responses to “Cover Your Ears!”

  1. Is this available on iTunes?

    But seriously…
    What did you have to do to get permissions/right to use the Dylan song? The ’04 song was in the public domain, but what about this one? Can you divulge how much it cost to license a famous song to remake?


  2. You guys really aren’t bad at all, great job on the cratch track you two! I was so happy to see you come up with a new video for the election. I’ve honestly been waiting for some time to see what your creative team would come up with for the new political race with a variety of candidates. I think this video was great, you really made some good laughs with each candidate. I think the song was a really great choice also.

    Anyways, you should both pat yourselves on the back, and so should the whole Jib Jab team! Thank you so much,

    Dedicated fan since 2004,


  3. Even the scratch track sounds pretty decent, and I do recordings for bands and my own. I absolutely love the new “campaign” video, and the Obama lyric about change for the sake of change is really Great! I know all about what you guys go through to put a production together, and it can be quite chaotic, fast paced, and unbearable at times. You Guys and the Whole Team Rock!
    Great Job again as usual! I wouldn’t expect anything less, and to put oneself into the campaign video is another notch on the belt! Fantastic! One comment asked about what you had to pay for using Dylans’ song. Well? Did he give it up for a good laugh?
    Or, did he charge out the nose for that one? In any case, you folks at JIB JAB come up with some Great Stuff! Keep on Rockin’
    in the Free World!!!

  4. evan, gregg, did you guys used to do background vocals for boy george? actually you guys don’t sound that bad at all. keep up the good work.

  5. You two aren’t too bad actually. These lyrics might even surpass This Land for brilliance. Fabulous job!

  6. Compared to the so called “great singers of the world” (i.e.-Celine, Whitney, Beyonce, Brittany, etc) I would by your recordings any day. Maybe those ladies can get singing lessons from you!

    This is coming from a music teacher!

  7. It wasn’t bad even early on in its development.

    In response to Howler, it would have cost them absolutely nothing since the under the fair use provision of copyright law parodies are protected. It’s still considered polite to ask the artist, and most artists will not have a problem with it, especially when the request comes from someone/somegroup as successful as jibjab has become.

  8. Well, your scratch track is better than the one for He’s Barack Obama one. I wanted to stop the video at the end of that one. But really, I’ve heard much, much worse.

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