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It’s a Go!

Once an idea is in place we ask ourselves two questions: Does it make us laugh and do we love it enough to spend the coming weeks and months working around the clock on it? If the answer is yes to both then we start pounding away at it! Gregg will keep chipping away at the writing while Evan starts doing little doodles so that the written gags and the visual gags evolve together…

crummy scans from the sketch book

In order to escape constant emails and ringing phones of the office, we rented a crummy hotel room down the street to get an uninterrupted stretch of quiet time to compare notes. Gregg’s lyrics inform Evan’s visual gags and the visual gags Evan has come up with inspire Gregg to scrap old lyrics and write new ones. It is this iterative, brotherly collaboration that make JibJab videos special.

PS – While people might think we’re a big, spiffy internet company we’re still forced to rent the cheapest dump we can find! This place smelled pretty funky and Evan got a strange rash from using the towels…

5 responses to “It’s a Go!”

  1. Funny, but I’m pretty sure you could have found a cheaper, smellier dump — in fact, I believe that you had me stay in said dump for several weeks as your faithful employee, you cheap bastuhds!

    Love you!

  2. I’m trying to watch your video on my cell phone, but I can’t either find it or run it. Using Yahoo Onesearch, which ignores flash content. Can you help me? We own a PC, but I’m 66 and bed ridden, so I use my cell internet. Thanks.

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