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It Starts with an Idea!

We knew we wanted to produce a video for the 2008 election but we were terrified of the expectations for our follow up to THIS LAND. Unfortunately, when you are a tiny company, there is no time for fear; you just have to DO IT!

Rather than try to “top” THIS LAND, which we knew would be impossible, our goal was to make the best video humanly possible without repeating ourselves. We didn’t know what the song would be but we knew we didn’t want to just have two candidates calling each other names – been there, done that!

On March 16th Gregg fired off the following email to Evan and the production officially began…

Once we have a direction we officially become slaves to the project…

7 responses to “It Starts with an Idea!”

  1. you guys & gals, are funny….
    I Love it, I am now connected to Jib Jab for Life….
    and, I can finally cut-out heads (hahaha) sounds funny….
    Hey can you guys do one with billy boy clinton sitting around passing around a jointaroonie and have the heads be blank,,,
    (just an idea) THANKS FOR EVERYTHING
    Good Luck and Take Care All…….Terry H.

  2. I am curious as to copyright/royalty fees. When you use pictures and music, do you get permission to use the items, do you pay royalty fees and what kind of fees are incurred or because you are not making a profit directly off of the videos are you exempt? In which case, how is your company supported? I do not see advertising on your awesome website.

  3. I wondered if a short video of John McCain doing the part of the Wizard of OZ from the Song Wonderful from Wicked, with a pit bull terrier wearing lipstick in the place of Glinda as the accompaniment.

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