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Production Art

We are obsessed with background art! In the eight and a half years since we started JibJab we have never produced a piece that is so chock full of amazing art! Our philosophy has always been to “love every pixel of every frame!” but our art team took it to a whole new level on this one!

Here is some production art that flies by too fast to be appreciated in the short. Click to enlarge…

A couple of nested goodies in Hillary’s Box-o-Tricks…

The goal was to keep the two environments completely different but still very connected…

Could you imagine being stuck in this thing…

How’s this for a study in contrasts….

Talk about a fantasy land! Click to enlarge…

You can’t even see it in the piece but there is a gorgeous painting of Washington DC at the bottom of the valley…

The guy in the middle is Tim, our Director of Operations! (You WISH you as manly as Tim!)…

This shot design perfectly complements the lyrics “Citizens gather from both far and near” with farms leading to cities leading to monuments…

We wanted the act of voting to feel as close to heaven as possible. This shot (and Obama’s unicorn) were inspired by Chuck Jones’ “What’s Opera Doc?”…

The grand finale was a nod to our earlier election video, ‘This Land’. We wanted all the players from both parties arm in arm on the White House lawn with the sun rising above them all. As much as we poke fun at all the silliness this is still the best darn country and political system in the world!!!

3 responses to “Production Art”

  1. Great Ideas lead to Great Videos. Chuck Jones is still one of my Favs of All Time. Thanks for giving him a nod. Wonderful throughout. You’ve outdone yourself (and I Love All of Your Previous Political Videos, so so Funny!!!!!!!) Everyone gets an award for this one (or you absolutely should!). Hey Hollywood,
    is anyone paying attention out there in La LA Land????? Give these guys and this team their DUE CREDIT!!!!!! Awards for EVERYONE on this one!!!

  2. I love watching a well-oiled plan come together.

    Now if we could just get a glimpse inside the minds DURING the thought process. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that session.

    Great work!!!

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