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If you’ve made it through all the ‘Behind the Scenes’ posts thanks for reading! Hopefully we helped shed some light on how JibJab’s animated projects come to life. More importantly, if you are reading this blog we are guessing that you’re a fan and we want to thank you again for watching and sharing our work with your friends and family! We never forget that it’s your support that allows us to keep doing what we love and we’re eternally grateful for it. Our goal is to keep making stuff that is worthy of your time and makes us all laugh!

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is a list of all the amazingly talented folks who helped make this project happen!

“Time For Some Campaignin’”

A parody of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Directed by: Evan & Gregg Spiridellis
Written by: Gregg Spiridellis
Additional writing: Alex Hirsch, Adam Mutterperl, Andy Ochiltree, Evan Spiridellis
Music Producer: John Frizzell
Voice Talent: Jim Meskimen, Su Tien Wong, Gabriel Mann, Melanie Nyema
Storyboards: Alex Hirsch, Evan Spiridellis
Production Design: Ian Worrel
Character Design: Evan Spiridellis
Background Artists: Dave Bergmann, Ian Worrel, Phil Vose, Christian Robinson
Animators: Evan Spiridellis, Kevin Elam, Mike Chiechi, Alex Chechik, Jeff Gill, Amanda Spalinkski
Visual FX: Ethan Metzger, Jeff Gill, Devin Bell, Nate Pacheco
Graphic Design: Will Staehle
Sound Design: Evan & Gregg Spiridellis
Audio Engineer: Frederik Wiedmann
Production Team: Hanh Rohan, Lauren Lloyd, Justin Parpan, Dan Milano, Maureen Tzudiker, Debbie Cornell

Not everyone pictured...

Not everyoine is pictured above...

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