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The Unkown…

So a few weeks into production we still didn’t know if Senator Clinton was in it for the long haul or not! In order to compensate we wrote two versions of her verse and the goal was to save production on her scene until the end. Right before the recording session we decided to roll the dice and gamble that she wouldn’t stick around. We were right. Here’s the lyrics that could have been…

4 responses to “The Unkown…”

  1. I like the lyrics you would’ve used had she made it. Again, it’s not what’s good for the country, but what “we” want to hear that drives these campaigns. Cause once they’re in office, chances are we’ll never see the changes they all promise come to life anyway. It’s okay if you misspelled “Unknown”. Bush can’t speak half the time anyway, so who cares about a minor misspelling?!
    We know what you meant. Great Job!

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