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Visual Development

Visual Development is where we create a bunch of art, not with the intention of actually putting it in the animation, but rather to get a sense for what the animation should FEEL like. Viz Dev begins at the very beginning of Pre-Production and continues to evolve throughout the making of the piece. Here’s some samples. Click to enlarge..

Hillary’s sequence was a mixture of lamenting what could have been and the aggression that was natural to her campaign…

The McCain sequence was all a cross between WWII poster art and Rambo!

For Obama the goal was clearly a complete and utter fantasy land – to be MORE Disney than Disney…

And it all had to pull together in the end…

5 responses to “Visual Development”

  1. Fabulous designs, really great work in the end, I especially love the many pony designs for Obama. It’s really nice that you all posted the behind the scenes work to show us what this was all took to get together. Being a student of Graphic Design, it’s a real eye opener, and impressive!
    Big fan,
    Candace ❤

  2. Having done storyboards for TV classes in college (and I’m not an artist), I’d say this is awesome in letting the average joe who’s not familiar with this kind of production see what goes on behind the scenes. Next time, make a condensed video and let people see what’s happening. It can be a real Blast working on something you feel so passionate about, and yet, it can be a lot of work. Still, the team and you guys pulled it off once again.
    Congratulations to all involved for something that needed to be said as well as seen! The finished product is so true to life, politics, and the process of electing someone to office, no matter who it is. Get out and Vote! Thanks Guys!!!

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