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Woohoo! Starring You!®

We love making funny videos but life would be boring if we weren’t constantly trying to innovate and do new things. Back in August 2007 we launched Starring You!® which allows the viewer to put themselves INTO our videos. Since then our audience has created more than 12 million heads (which is more than the population of our home state of New Jersey!). CNET even went so far as to dub it “The Greatest Office Time Waster in History”. Now that’s props!!!

When we began production on the election video we thought it would be neat to include a Starring You!® component but we didn’t want to shoehorn it in there. As the lyrics evolved and we realized the point of view for the finale was about ‘we the people’ we realized it was a perfect fit!

Click here to put your friends and family into the video and shoot ’em a link. We guarantee it’ll get a reaction!

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