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Election 2008!

Greetings JibJabbers!

Every four years, my brother and I are blessed with a political circus so ripe with absurdity that ‘finding the funny’ becomes like shooting fish in a barrel. In 2000, we created the Bush/Gore rap battle. In 2004, we produced This Land. Now, in 2008, we’re pleased to present Time for Some Campaignin’!

Our latest musical romp is a parody of Bob Dylan’s 1960s political anthem, The Times They Are A-Changin’. We thought Dylan’s true call for revolutionary change juxtaposed against the modern political process would be funny. Plus, we just wanted an excuse to use the word “juxtaposed” in our blog.

This video was by far the most difficult election video we have ever produced. When we started, Hillary was still in the race, which meant we couldn’t take the tit-for-tat approach that had worked so well for us in the past. While it was painful at first, creative constraints are always good and having three candidates forced us make something entirely new. The worst thing we could have done is mimicked our past work.

Since my brother and I started JibJab 8 ½ years ago, we have been fascinated by the opportunity the Web offers to create new entertainment experiences. We have found that unlike traditional media, where independent creators are virtually shut out, if you do something new and interesting online, people will find it and share it with their friends.

This year, our desire to do something new manifested itself in our STARRING YOU!® technology. Thanks to our incredible technology team, users can upload photos, cut out heads, and put themselves, family and friends into the latest election video. You can give it a try yourself here:

Starring You! is a small part of a much bigger initiative underway here at JibJab called JibJab Sendables®. In a nutshell, we are trying to reinvent eCards. By working with the best storytellers and artists in the world it is our goal to offer something better than the dancing cats and cuddly bunnies you’ll find on most eCard websites.

There are over 1,000 JibJab Sendables eCards in our library in categories ranging from birthdays and anniversaries to flirts, disses and everyday fun. A huge number are free and some are available exclusively to JibJab subscribers. If you like our political videos, you have to check them out!

We would like to thank the millions of people who have supported JibJab over the years (especially the 2+ million members who have signed up to receive our free updates). Without your support emailing our work to your friends, the great experiment that is JibJab would never have made it to this point. We hope you enjoy our latest video and if you like it, pass it along!

Best wishes,

Gregg, Evan & the entire JibJab Team

53 responses to “Election 2008!”

  1. I saw the election video on Jay Leno tonight & thought it was just fantastic. I will tell everyone I know to log on.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the laughs.

  2. I am a McCain supporter and I found the video very very funny. I watched it at least 10 times that’s how much I loved it. I wish you made more fun of Barrack but since no one is allowed to make fun of him I can understand the apprehension from your team to even go there. But you did not hesitate to make fun of McCain and since McCain can take a joke and keep on ticking I think he will find it funny as well. I expect he will give it kudos if he is asked about it and has seen it.

    If you make another video about the election you can make fun of Obama thinking that he has already won the election and this whole campaigning thing is just for show. Did you know that he never ever says “If I’m elected president” And that little thing about his own seal and so much more.

    Well congrats again on a funny video. I speak for all McCain supporters when I say that YES WE CAN take satire of our beloved McCain. That’s what America is about.

  3. Nice work. Great animation.

    Too bad it’s not as even handed as your past election cartoons. That was always the strength of your political work, at least to me.

  4. I loved the new video! I wish you still had the flash version of bush vs gore rap so i could grab it and play it wherever i am, internet or no, it’s been my fav of all time, i remember it when it came out, i still know most of the words, and my favorite line is “I invented the internet”

  5. You really chickened out this year guys. In the past you ripped all candidates. I was pretty excited when I came to the site and expected you to point out the obvious truths about Barack Hussein Obama but you didn’t. It’s ok, I understand. Hopefully in 2012 you can get back to business as usual. 2000 and 2004 were both hilarious.

  6. @Nathan

    Calling Barack a pansy and having him ride a unicorn, blathering on about nothing specific isn’t letting him off the hook.

  7. Hi Evan and Gregg!

    That’s one great looking movie and funny as always. I know personally how hard you guys work and it really shows in the end product. You guys have always and continue to be an inspiration because you have a lot of fun doing what you love.

    Keep rocking and more power to JibJab!


  8. I saw “Time for Some Campaignin’” featured at the top of hte Mysapce home page this morning, and discovered JibJab for the first time (what a behind-the-times wuss, right? lol).

    Anyway, I think with the exposure you’ve gotten this weekm you might consider upgrading server power to your website. You don’t want to lock up!

  9. That is the funniest one ever,……good job guys….what a hoot…I sent it to all my friends and I replay it every time I need a laugh….well done…you are bringing humor to some pretty unhappy voters.

    IS there a link I can put it on my website?

  10. Well done! Once again, you’ve done a great job (or should I say Jab) at having us see just how ridiculous of a circumstance we really are in. And, we CAN do something about it, like seeing if we really want either of those two running the show for the next four years. Neither of them will get my vote!

    I’m voting for Bob Barr. Who’s that? Check out


  11. Excellent! Five stars! The voice characterizations, the lyrics and the superb accompanying vocalists and musicians make this a fun-filled and highly entertaining foot-stomping jingle. I can’t stop singing along! Cheers to all you delightfully talented folks at JibJab! Ok, everybody, let’s start singing “…Oh, it’s time for some campaignin’!” 😀

  12. No matter what political stance you may opt, this is some hysterical; while yet some clever sh_t!!!


  13. Thank YOU, you wonderfuly clever people – Jib Jab is the 60’s Mad Magazine replacement in my life! I not only have veiwed Time For Some Campainin’ a dozen times, but I sing it in my head ALOT! I thought it was evenly dished out, but I suppose many will be over-sensitive at this time of year.
    See you at the polls!

  14. One of your better ones!
    You guys are always great for a laugh and wish you all much continued success.

  15. You republicants need to settle down. This wasn’t one sided…they made fun of both parties equally. It was more spread out on the Democrat side to make fun of Hilary too.

    Either way, this piece was amazing. Great job as usual to all the folks at JibJab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Upon reading a comment that said you didn’t make fun of Obama, I had to comment. Because I completely disagree!! You totally did. Once I saw him riding a unicorn and spewing the non-stop “change” lines I had to send it to all of my friends. No one is safe from you jibjabbing but I feel you still treat them with respect. Thanks for providing some comic relief to what can be a very frightening political reality.

  17. The first time I was it was on the Today Show. They must have repeated it 50-times. Then I saw it on my local news Channel 8 (NBC Affiliate) WOODTV as well as a posting on Then later in the day and for two nights, I saw it on Leno. Millions of people must have viewed it in its entirety just from how many times NBC broadcast it.

    I did my own parody by inserting one of my stuffed animals into the final scene. A stuffed dog hound with the caption that this campaign has surely gone to the dogs.

  18. Another great video. I just want to thank you for adding the captions to the video so that we Deaf people can enjoy the videos as well as the Hearing! Great stuff!

  19. very funny video. wow. i really thought that was hilarious with barack in the woods with all the cute and cuddly animals ( his own little utopia ). wow…very creative. i think the voice overs are great.

  20. You are some of the LUCKIEST and TALENTED folks on this earth. You not only enjoy what you do, but you give everyone an opportunity to enjoy it with you. For me, you have completely removed all of the negativity (associated with this particular campaign), and put so much humor into it, that now everytime I see the news, I think about “Time For Campaignin’” and I have to laugh. You guys do a GREAT job! Hope Jib Jab is around FOREVER!!

  21. I loved Time for some campaignin! Although This Land was far funnier, and more balanced. This vid seems to make fun of Obama more than McCain.

  22. This is such a hoot. Love it over & over!! have sent it to my friends. Thank you & keep up the goooood work.

  23. why don’t you do a film on the McCain campaign featuring John McCain as GI Joe, Cindy as Barbie and now, our vice presidential candidate as Annie Oakley, totin’ a gun!

  24. I went back to watch it, again. Is that Sarah Palin on the McCain bus at the beginning? Has that been there the whole time?

  25. I just wanted to say how much I love this site! I’m taking Federal Government in College and my professor showed ‘Time for Some Campaigning’ to the class. I was cracking up. I’ve looked at your other video and loved them too. I’ve been showing them to all my family and friends, and can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Thank you to everyone who created this site, it’s great!

  26. How can you resist attacking the MSNBC crowd, especially after the conventions? There is the moronic maniac, Kieth Olbermann, with his breaking glass and flying papers. Then there is the soprano voice of Chris Mathews, who should be portrayed in pink panties, looking for hot sex with African American presidential candidates. And the newcomer, Rachel Maddow, who everyone can see has an adam’s apple as big as Ann Coulter’s. This is great material, and so unabashedly biased, even more than O’Rielly and Hannity, not that you should leave those demagogues out of the picture either. Have a ball with all of these influential media assholes.

  27. My husband and I love your “Time for some Campaigning” It hits all the bases perfectly, leaving nothing out! Continue your good work, we look forward to every single Jib Jab!

  28. You guys are just brilliant. I’m a little embarassed to say, that I was so cracked up by the 2004 election videos that it was one of the first things to come to mind when the 08 election came up! Time for some campaignin’ did not dissappoint. Great job! Do consider creating just one more before the end of the election. Best Wishes!

  29. I love it, have watched at least weekly since it came out! Are there any new ones coming for this election? I need more! I love you guys!

  30. Ok time for something STARRING YOU in Rock n Roll!! how about “WE WILL ROCK YOU” BY QUEEN. I will be waiting!!!

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