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Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre: Selected Cuts by Wilhelm Staehle

Come see the work of one of JibJab’s most insanely talented artists! Wilhelm Staehle is putting up an exhibit at the Hibbleton Gallery all through February, featuring his twisted, hand cut silhouette pieces.

A brief description of his works on display:

Staehle is influenced by the look and feel of Victorian design, and explores the marriage of Victorian elegance with macabre humor. He is inspired by old fairytales and poems whose meanings and origins are far less innocent than they appear at first glance. He is also attracted to silhouettes, which are common in Victorian art. However, traditionally, silhouettes are black, to imply shadows. Staehle often reverses these silhouettes, making them light instead of dark, thus making them “blank slates” where one can imprint their own meanings onto the forms. In this way, the mere shape of a person gesturing does not always reveal the truth of what is happening.

Pretty awesome, right?Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

The Hibbleton Gallery is located at
112 West Wilshire Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832

Thursday – Sunday 1pm – 6pm

Exhibit ends March 1st.


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