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Sink Your Teeth into This Teaser

We’re working on a new Starring You! project that won’t be launched for months but we couldn’t help but share one of the toothy little shark toys we’re working with. Watch your fingers…


7 responses to “Sink Your Teeth into This Teaser”

  1. where can i get this shark? I´m really intereting to buy one of this.

    I´m living in México now.
    thanks you!

  2. Hi,
    I searched on the web & found a lot of shark figurines but not this one. Where did you bought this shark ? I want the same…

  3. Very cool little shark. Watch out for it’s teeth, it’s super razor sharp. After biting their prey, their teeth will be changed into new ones. I wonder if we have the same thing with sharks; then we won’t need any dentists to maintain our teeth.

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