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Dragged Aboard!

When we need a face for one of our projects in a jiffy, we don’t spend much time casting.  Instead we grab our nearest co-worker, force them out into the sun and claim their face for our website.  Here our rockstar V.P. of Production Vaughn Morrison is pulled into the parking lot to star as a sailor in an upcoming JibJab piece.  Oh and if you’re wondering who that handsome guy is diffusing the light, its none other than yours truely, official JibJab blogger Dan Milano.


3 responses to “Dragged Aboard!”

  1. I knew it was all of you in the jib jab pictures, I could
    tell when I saw the shot of your office..
    I love you guys and gals!! Thanks for a great
    site with lots of fun!!
    Now go make more to add heads to,, I used all that
    you have…….. haha,,,,,,
    Big Hugs,, Rose

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