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Nerfing on our Turf


Here at JibJab, any given moment in the day can go from tranquil web programming to all out inter office warfare.  We have a small arsenal of Nerf guns at our disposal, with ammunition stationed at different locations all over the office.   Of course, when you’ve got this much ammo flying about on a daily basis, you pick up a few tricks to avoid the sharp sting of suction cup.  Joey here has been known to dodge foam bullets.  Whoa.

Just like in the Matrix...

One response to “Nerfing on our Turf”

  1. Thank you for going through all of this craziness for us, the JibJab consumers. All the Nerf projectiles that could put out an eye. And, no doubt the excessive laughter that can bring on tears, wet pants, even hernias.

    YOU.. are awesome.

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