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Jim Meskimen is the MeskiMAN!

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “who does those kickass Bush and McCain voices for JibJab?”, your wondering days are over.  Meet Jim Meskimen, voice-over guy extraordinaire.  Jim is the voice behind some of our biggest hits, including but not limited to This Land and Time for Some Campaignin’.  Beyond that he’s given us the voice of Morgan Freeman for our Shawshank in a Minute rap and has repeatedly nailed a perfect Bill Clinton impression for our various political reviews.  Of course, a man of such mythical talent can’t be restricted to one website alone, he’s been in everything from Avatar: The Last Airbender to Frost/Nixon.  Wowee!  We’re honored to hold such esteemed company in our hallowed halls.  To hear Jim’s sweet, sweet vocal chords doing their thang, check out his personal voiceover site.  Ooh, fancy!



One response to “Jim Meskimen is the MeskiMAN!”

  1. Hello Jim, I got your name from Ross Kronman (Tenafly, NJ) who suggested that I contact you, when I told him that I’m getting into the voice over field.

    Any good suggestions? Any names for good learning? Any names for good Demo Reel producer? Any good leads?

    Thanks, Shimmy Cohen

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