An Editor Extraordinare

For the past few months we’ve been excited to have Daniel here in house, working his animation and editing voodoo on what we like to call our “shorties”, aka the remixed public domain footage eCards we feature at  Andy, an ingenious writer/producer here at the site, has been overseeing our shorties program since it’s start about a year ago, and of the several artists and editors he has had cranking out shorties over the past year,  Daniel brings one of the most unique voices to the site.  Daniel boasts credits that range from his work on cartoons for Hanna-Barbara to a series of PBS shorts called Inventoons.  For more of his work, including his wildly popular He-Man remixes, check out his various websites and youtube channels, embedded all over this mighty paragraph!  Oh yes, and Daniel wanted us to mention, he can probably whoop you good in a game of Boggle.  He’s just sayin.

Theres Geduld in them there hills!

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  1. Carolelynne
    Posted April 5, 2009 at 6:49 pm | Permalink

    OK, you’re on for the Boggle game. My computer or yours?

    I’m just challengin.

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