Celebrating a Year of JibJabbing

Today here at JibJab a time honored tradition continued as a silver wristwatch made it’s way into the hands of Johan, our Product Manager of Uber 1337ness. Why did we give him a watch? You see, each time a JibJabber celebrates a year in our company, they are passed down the one-year-watch to display as a trophy on their desk. Thus, here we have Johan inheriting the heirloom from Damian, the last guy to hit a year’s time with us.  The unopened watch is symbolic of a year’s hard work, the preciousness of time and the ever present weight of man’s mortality. Or it may just be passed around for fun. When asked to reflect on his full year at JibJab, Johan said he had learned one thing. “Never ever leave your computer unlocked when you leave your desk.”  Yeah, that about sums up a year working with team JibJab.

Watch this guy!


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  2. deloris battle
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    i made one of your easter cards, sent it to myself and i never received it.

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