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Caption Contest 3!

We made these really neat little finger puppets a while back-a-go and didn’t quite know what to do with them.  This calls for a caption contest!  The best caption in one week’s time nabs a free JibJab t-shirt AND gets to keep the ninja! (luchador sold separately) Ninja Vs. Luchador

“And I would have gotten away with it, if those pesky kids hadn’t nailed my cape to this dang chest!” -Pete Griffith

Congrats Pete! You get a JibJab T and this very ninja!


I had you fingered a LONG time ago -Thomas Howard

“I’m Number One!” “No, I am!” -Kenneth Kinsey

11 responses to “Caption Contest 3!”

  1. …the idea that they’re super tiny ‘particles’ like grains of sand is an illusion. In reality, they’re probable locations of a mere ‘idea’ or ‘notion’. The very idea of a tangible paradigm breaks down, because if it’s ALL empyrean, then what point of reference are we using when we think of solid reality? there is none.

    interesting, interesting… tater tot?

  2. La lucha Mexicana no es cuáles era una vez …


    “Mexican wrestling just isn’t what it used to be … “

  3. Grrrrr, I must summon the powers of the universe to outwit The Burka Designer and defeat his fiendish sense of style.

  4. Aarrggh, here comes Quentin Tarantino again, thinking I won’t recognize him behind an overflowing black Ninja robe. But he will never fool me again! NEVER!!!

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