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The Make of the Week

Beginning this week, we’re going to start featuring our favorite fan made Starring You creations!  We’re always amazed to see how many pets make their way onto our dancing videos, in fact we’ve been kicking around ideas for a pet based Starring You for a while now.

This week we found this dancing dog version of the La Cucaracha posted by twitter user Frugal Dougal (who appears to be a dog that tweets).  Once you look past the initial weirdness associated with two dancing anthropomorphic dogs, one comes to realize how ridiculously funny this is.  Call it our Cinco De Mayo spirit, but now we want to cast some canines on here, with Chihuahuas this time! Good dog, Frugal Dougal, you’re the best dog to ever tweet on twitter.

Vodpod videos no longer available.Feel free to leave your best makes in our comments section or post them up on our facebook wall.  Let’s see if you can out weird today’s entry!

3 responses to “The Make of the Week”

  1. I think this is FABULOUS!!!!
    I am always making videos of my pets here on JibJab
    I always send them to my frinds on various Pet based web sites too!

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