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We’re happy to announce that we’ve been hard at work on our next big political satire!  Our skewering of Obama is set to be our most rocking piece yet, literally.  We’ve assembled an all star band of legendary rockers to craft a new song of epic proportions.  Gaze upon their rock, mortals…

On lead guitar and drums, Foo Fighter’s very own Chris Shiflett and Taylor Hawkins!  On bass guitar, Chris Chaney, of Jane’s Addiction and Alanis Morissette fame! And on keyboard, Roger  Joseph Manning Jr, core member of the Jellyfish as well as session keyboardist Beck, blink-182 and Johnny Cash!

The song is in it’s final stages and animation is now underway.  Stay tuned for more updates!BARACKNROLL!From left to right: composer John Frizzell, Evan Spiridellis, Gregg Spiridellis, Roger Joseph Manning Jr, Chris Shiflett, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Chaney and Freddy “The Fredster” Wiedman.

3 responses to “BARACKN’ROLL!”

  1. Oh Guys, we’re waiting for it, here in Spain, you’re so famous, many people have seen your videos, and you can find people singing your songs anywhere.

    You’re videos are like drugs, if you watch them once, you can’t stop watching them, and songs are ever inside your head, you can’t think at other things, it’s horrible, and fantastic too.

    So, good luck with that new jewel wich you’re releasing and goodbye.

    We’ll see the video as son as possible, i’m absolutely sure.

    Adiós y buena suerte.

  2. I’on on pins and needles anxiously awaiting this one! I can’t wait to see Barry skewered! And his little doggie, too!

    PS: I’m available for singing or voice-over work! I work sheep…. ummmm …. I mean cheep….. ah …errrr… I mean cheap! 🙂

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