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Facebook Exclusive: Free Download of ‘This Land’!

Joining up as a fan of JibJab on Facebook has many perks, the coolest of which may be a free download of our mega viral hit “This Land”!  How do you snag your own copy of it, for keeping forever?  First, click this link and add yourself as a fan on Facebook.  Then go to the “coupons” tag above our fan page, click the image to claim your secret download and before you know it, you’ll be kickin’ it 2004 style,.  Don’t forget to tell your friends!

This Download Is My Download, This Download is Your Download

12 responses to “Facebook Exclusive: Free Download of ‘This Land’!”

  1. Hey, there’s no more “coupon” (or any) tabs on facebook pages – how can I get my free This Land? I want to show this awesome and fun piece at a copyright workshop tomorrow where I won’t have Internet!

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