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Something Weird This Way Comes

JibJab friend and collaborator Weird Al Yankovic stopped by the studio today! We’ve grown a lot since we last collaborated with him in 2006 for the music video to “Do I Creep You Out” , so we gave him the grand tour and a sneak peek at our various top secret projects in development. On top of our next big political piece, we may be doing something with Al himself this summer! No lounging around on the beach for us, we’ve got work to do.

Nobody rocks a pink floral shirt like Al

3 responses to “Something Weird This Way Comes”

  1. So great to hear from Weird Al again. Has he thought of re-releasing his earlier work, like “Going Belvedaire Crusin’ Tonight “??
    Keep up the good work guys !

  2. ~The Three Stooges Redux~
    Hmmm, can ya guess who’s Curly? Larry? Moe?! 🙂
    Love Ya Guys!

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