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Metrics Schmetrics

This may look like a bunch of normal guys, out drinking beer and having a good time… but if pictures could talk you’d hear things like “uniques”, “conversion rate”, “make-to-share ratio”, and “average recipients per share”.  Yep, JibJab’s crack product engineering team is clearly no ordinary group of dudes sippin brews, here they’re fast at work discussing business metrics and reporting.  Or at least that’s what they told Gregg and Evan so they could expense the beers! 🙂

Sharing Metrics of the Trade

2 responses to “Metrics Schmetrics”

  1. OK, Fellas, what’s wrong with this picture?? Not to be sexist or anything, but doesn’t JibJab have any girls on their “crack product engineering team”?? We like beer, too, especially if the boss’s are buying!! “-)

    • Ha! There actually is a woman (Cullie) on the Engineering team and in the picture, she’s just in the back corner with her face blocked by somebody else (Johan).

      And, we can confirm that girls do indeed like beer: Cullie is a huge fan of Stone IPA.

      Cheers, Tex!

      -Team JibJab

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