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Go Kudobot Go!

Everyone at JibJab does the work of two or three people, and even though we’re a small, close-knit group… all too often someone does something really awesome that slips through the cracks, never to be shared with the team.  That’s why last week we introduced a bold new initiative to applaud our colleagues in the coolest way we could think of… with a giant clawed robot!  Meet the Kudobot, a machine designed for high fiving and back patting.  At any point in the day we can submit a compliment to the Kudobot’s on our company intranet and tell it to send kudos to another coworker.  Nice huh?  It gets better… at the end of the night when all of the kudos have been accumulated, an e-mail goes out to the team listing all the cool accomplishments that have been lauded over the day.  We’re hoping the Kudobot becomes a really awesome and popular way to give props to great deeds done within the company.  Plus, those with the most kudos at the end of the month get a sweet cash incentive.  That probably won’t hurt the Kudobot’s popularity very much at all…

Daves Been Eaten by the Kudo Bot!

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