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Draw for Your Life

Wagon Wednesdays aren’t the only weekly Wednesday tradition at JibJab, we also have a live model in the studio for our artists to sketch over the lunch hour.  We’ve been waiting a good long while to blog about our weekly life drawing sessions, as the majority of our models pose completely in the buff and that doesn’t mix too kindly with our heavily illustrated blog.  Luckily every once in a while we mix it up with models like Jee Teo that bring really intricate and super awesome costumes for us to doodle.

Draw for your life!

One response to “Draw for Your Life”

  1. OK, Brothers, You have shown us the model and the artists at work…how about showing us the results of this working lunch hour?

    By the way, I would not mind seeing the buff lunch hour work either….especially if the staff is nekkid, too!! hee hee hee 🙂

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