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Batten down the Servers!

Our technicians have been scrambling in preparation for a potential mega load of traffic following Friday’s release of our new video “He’s Barack Obama”.   Just last week we had Mark, the master of all things server related, head to our secret server location where he helped to install more storage in preparation for the gathering e-storm.  He’s just a little peek at what the internet really looks like, when you take away all the html and flashy rotating GIFs.

You Got Servered

2 responses to “Batten down the Servers!”

  1. WARNING!! WARNING!!! JibJab’s Secret Server Location has been revealed by VP Joe “The Mouth” Biden…. it’s in Dick Cheney’s basement! 😉 ROFLMFAO

    Me thinks ya might have finished the video on Barry a little too soon….look at all the crap….errr….material he’s given you in the last couple of weeks! Holy Moly!!

    Dang, I sure hope you didn’t cut him any slack and you hit him with the full power with which you always hit Dubya! I am tired of Hollyweird’s adoration of this fella! He’s ruining MY country….but I digress!

    Good luck on the rollout of “He’s Barack Obama”… I got my eyes on you! 🙂

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