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Bringing together the music, words and pictures into one file is what we call making an animatic.  These tend to be SUPER ghetto files that just let us test our ideas and make sure things are flowing along the way they should.  An animatic lets us test out our ideas without investing a lot of time and energy and it also helps give the artist a sense for how what they are working on fits into the bigger picture.  As the project moves along we continually update the animatic with new work and new thoughts until it ultimately morphs into the finished product.   Here is one of our first animatics from April 24…

And here is a more evolved version from May 21.  You’ll notice the animators no longer had to listen to the awful scratch track and some of the finished art has started to find it’s way into the file…

5 responses to “Animatics”

  1. How did you guys do the part where the talk with the military guy about the pirates. That scene was done so well that it was hard to tell if you guys faked him getting ready to fight the pirates. This video was wonderful! A++ all the way!

    • Heck, I can answer that one. The scene cuts are as follows:

      1. Barack Obama, actual footage. I recognized this shot from one of the speech openings: It’s a classic “look how busy I am” shot, but it works. This clip ends as he picks up the phone; the ring is dubbed.

      2. General: Sir? We have a situation.

      3. Barack Obama, actual footage. Just the one word, “Pirates”, and the lift of the head.

      4. The stand-in, pulling open a suit in classic “Superman” style.

      • Wanderer: Yeah, I have to revisit that scene a few times to get how they pulled that scene. This was a very well knit production.

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