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A big part of what makes producing these exciting for us is getting to try out new ideas and new techniques.  That said, not everything we attempt makes it into the final piece.  One of the sequences that got clipped before the final cut was our attempt to animate the tidal wave of money in stop-motion!   Why stop-motion you may ask?  Because it looks DAMN cool!  We were really excited about how some of these early tests came out but we ultimately couldn’t get them to jive with the rest of the video so made the hard decision to cut them out and go with collage for the scene.  That said, there is no reason not to share their awesomeness with you!  Devin, the animator on the scene, actually went to the bank and withdrew $400 (of his own money!) in singles.  He also created thousands of dollars worth of REALLY tiny bills.  We think we’re OK legally because it’d be pretty hard to pass off a 3/4 inch bill…


And here are a few of the early animated tests cut together into one little clip.  We were bummed that we couldn’t get it to work in the piece but ya never know unless ya try!

4 responses to “Experiments”

  1. @__________@
    Wow! That is damned awesome!
    I love how you gusy have done a making of! I’m really enjoying reading about how you made the Barack Obama animation and what you “hard working guys” do as a job!

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