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Scratch Tracks

After we have a first pass of a script that we feel pretty good about, we need to “hear it” in order to work out the timing and make sure the lyrics flow.  Gregg and Evan go off to a quiet place with a laptop and a crappy microphone and screech out the lyrics to the best of their ability.  If you listen to the clips below, you can tell that they have virtually no ability when it comes to singing.    Be warned.  You might want to cover your ears!

Here is a pass from 4/1/09…

Here is an early pass from 4/16/09…

7 responses to “Scratch Tracks”

  1. The Obama spot is great. Saw it featured on the Keith Olbermann show. The song is gonna be in my head all day. Looking forward to more JibJab videos. They are addictive.

  2. Hi. Paid member here. I am a karaoke DJ and would love to get a copy of the “He’s Barack Obama” song without the vocals to make a karaoke version of it for use in my karaoke show. I know this is a lot to ask but I’t would be a great addition to my karaoke book. If you can do this, emailing it would be great. Thanks for your consideration. Joe H

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