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Sound Effects

As the project draws to a close one of the most fun stages of production is sound design. Because we typically produce musical videos, you could watch our videos with no sound design at all and still get the entire story… but as soon as we add the thumps, chops, explosions and screams it REALLY brings the piece to life! Sound design is one of those “unnoticed arts” meaning if it draws too much attention to itself then the designer hasn’t done a great job. On the other hand if the sound design FEELS right and supports the action then you take it for granted as if it just belongs. Our in-house team was lucky enough to partner up with Jeff Shiffman of Sound Underground, who really helped push the sound effects over the top. Once we got all our effects in place we hooked up with the Maestro, Freddie “the Fredmeister” Wiedmann to do our sound mix. While sound design is supposed to be an unnoticed art we were so impressed with the work everyone did on it we wanted to shine a little light on it. Here is a pass of the video with everything but the sound design stripped out. Check it out…

12 responses to “Sound Effects”

  1. I consider myself quite the critic, an artistic eye can be a curse. But….your Obama video,,,,,absolutely AWESOME. I cannot believe the genius that is expressed in your film. Even though I’m not an Obama fan, you guys should win an award for the excellent artistry, from all aspects,,,,,story line, music, the art and creativeness. There is nothing, in your clip that can be improved upon. It makes me wish I’d done more with my talents in my younger days. I’m going to forward this to my daughter and her husband, maybe it will inspire them to do something with their talents. Keep up the good work!
    GREAT JOB!!!!!

    • Wow, we’re humbled by your comment, Sherrie; thanks so much for the amazingly kind words. We appreciate you taking the time to write it, and also appreciate you forwarding on the video to your family.

      You are never too old to be creative, so dust off your paints/pencils/crayons/guitar/? and get your creative juices flowing again – we believe in you!

  2. not only does the behind the scenes dramatically extend the “story” of a jibjab production, but the above comment gives us a peek at your humanity.

    I love the line : “You’re never too old to be creative” I celebrated my 80th Birthday in March and I am having real fun with my “creative juices”

    I am working on company launch for Virtual Visuals and hope I can have your permission to pass along “He’s Barack Obama” and the “behind the scenes” posts to my team.

    • Thanks for the comment, Dave. All of our stuff — videos, eCards, blog entries — is meant to be shared and forwarded, so you most definitely have our permission to pass it all to your Team.

      From one small business to another: Best of luck with your company launch!

  3. This is really a good art work…. i think this should be a continues cartoon program, you will really sell on it.

  4. I echo Sherries sentiment. As a film school graduate of the 80’s, I come from both old school and new age production environments. When I watched your video, the first thing I did was send out an industry wide email. Its one line cry was “The production value of this video is off the charts!” Right when I thought the “little guy” had no chance, you guy’s go and re-inspire me.
    I can’t thank you enough.

  5. AMAZING! I’m a fan of animation and sound design myself, and I have to say that the video alone without the words or music is phenominal! That’s the kind of thing I want to do someday (recording and editing sounds).

  6. The sound effects are amazing amazing, the art.. out of this world. The animations, well they speak for themselves. I’m really impressed with the amount of talent that JibJab are currently housing, to produce a video of this quality in a few months. WoW. I’ve just completed a degree in games design, so I know a bit of what goes into the creation of such things. Will be forwarding this video to every person on the planet!

  7. Wow. This sound design track alone is fantastic. I LOLed at the cat rescue.

    Do you normally have [what seems to be] a budget this big for projects? Or was it a grant sort of thing?

    This amazes me. Just wow.

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