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After the script has been worked on for a while we’ll pass a copy of it to our artists and they will begin the process of translating the written ideas to visuals.  We like to keep the process of writing and storyboarding somewhat iterative as there are times a storyboard artist will come up with a great gag that will lead to new lyrics.  We try to keep ourselves open to new ideas all the way up until we record the final version of the song and at that point we stay open to new visual ideas and gags until the day before we wrap!  Our goal is to “plus” the project at every step along the way so during the storyboard phase the artist are asked to take the lyrics and find visual ways to make them funnier.  Here’s a few sample storyboards…



One response to “Storyboards”

  1. from looking at the storyboard picture, I agree that “leap a building, run industry” sounded a bit strange…but honestly, “re-invent an industry” would have been really weird. I like the way it ended up.

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