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The Big Event!

After months and months of creating, planning, producing and coordinating, there is nothing more satisfying then kicking back in penguin suits (aka, tuxedos) and watching the leader of the free world watch – and hopefully laugh at – something that sprung from the collective imagination of myself, my brother and the amazingly talented people we work with at JibJab.

The premiere was covered LIVE on C-SPAN on Friday, June 19.  We were easy to spot in the crowd…  the guys who looked totally out of place among the gathered politicians, dignitaries, broadcast journalists and other muckety-mucks.

The look on Obama’s face was priceless as we presented the man himself with the cartoon.  CBS kept a camera on Barack the whole time, allowing us (and by proxy, you) to check out the reaction, and our reaction to his reaction.  Check it out below and keep an eye out for more cool pictures and stories from the night as they come in!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

7 responses to “The Big Event!”

  1. I hope you don’t praise this SOB as he and the majority rule is killing this country!!!!!!!!!!

    • Warren Arends:
      We liberals and pinko’s do truly praise this intelligent god of a man. And we love you as well and will pray for your soul and that you also will convert to our red team in time.

  2. Oh, just give it time, and I’m sure that by the end of his term, everyone’s going to be sick of Obama.

  3. WTF? this is a hilarious short film about obama, you just read all about the awesome process that they go through to make it and at the end of the day all you have to say is, “Oh, just give it time, and I’m sure that by the end of his term, everyone’s going to be sick of Obama.” I agree, you are pathetic.

    Jib Jab is AWESOME!!!!

  4. The best thing about this video… if you are a liberal you love it because you agree that Mr. Obama is actually going to save the world in all these ways, and when you see him “spend stimulus money” or “destroy GM” you think it’s a good thing.

    If you are a conservative you love it because you can see how ridiculous it all is!

    Nice job guys!

  5. If you are looking at the work by JibJab leave your political views at the door. I had to, if I wanted to marvel at the creative expression,talent, lyrics,and songs by these marvelous creators. I just wish I can create 1/10th of this on a youtube video.

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