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The Costume

Once we knew we were going the superhero route, our Production Designer, Ian, went to town!  In addition to just making something that looks super cool, we had the challenge of designing a costume that would enable us to make the President emote.  Not only did the balaclava mask let us slap ridiculously large ears on the guy, it also lets us change his expressions mid scene.  Here’s some original concept art working out the costume…


Once we had the look worked out and knew what we wanted it was time to make the costume but first we had to cast the Obama body model.  Luckily, we didn’t need to look any further than our own office!  Our Director of Community, Tim Gillons, is not only a great sport, but also one of the few people in the studio that visits a gym on a regular basis.  After he agreed to climb into the red leotard we shot some tests to make sure it’d work…


Once we felt good about the approach, we laid out some sweet designs and called upon our amazing costume-making friend Leighton Aycock Bowers to work her magic!   Here are the initial designs and samples we sent her..


And here is the finished product in all it’s glory.  We can proudly state that we largest library of “Tim G. punching, chopping and kickin photos” on the face of the earth…



21 responses to “The Costume”

  1. Now your Wife/GF is going to want you to wear the outfit to ;);) Bed !!

    Question is ? Is the Outfit or Obama that does it for her ??


    • The high kick does not exist in the real life of Tim; thank goodness for the skills of our animators!

      Team JibJab

  2. Didn’t you used to have pajamas that looked just like that? Maybe that’s why you look so at home in them. Suits you.

      • Ah, but that is the advantageous domain of the sister. We know all kinds of “secret” things from the past, and get to bring them up at will. Too bad you didn’t get Dad’s ears like I did – you would have filled out the costume in its entirety.

  3. i want to know how long it took everyone to quit laughing when you presented yourself in this leotard.

  4. I will start a collection here, Tim. I could probably raise thousands to have you fly to DC in that outfit. We’d pick you up at the airport (if TSA doesn’t detain you first). What’s your price for a transcontinental flight as Super Obama?

  5. Pam,
    I thought we agreed you weren’t going to divulge Tim’s past on here? DO NOT tell them the rest of the story.This is Tim’s job for Pete’s sake! You promised.

  6. I am looking for restitution. I was fired when found laughing uncontrollably at JibJab comments. It is worth it though. What to do! Now my cat is convalescing after a hystorectomy; she is scheduled for a mammogram too after dental implants.

  7. Hey JibJab, please make the Barrack Obame suit a Holloween costume. And add the face and the BIG ears (lol) if you can with eye holes. If i had it i would have the best costume at my friends holloween party.
    Please do your best to make it.

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