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Wanna Meet the President?

One of the greatest honors we’ve had in the nearly ten years JibJab has been in business was being invited to the 2007 Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner to premier a new JibJab video with President Bush in attendance. Regardless of your politics, my brother and I are of the mindset that when you get a chance to entertain the leader of the free world, that’s pretty darn cool. So we were equally excited when the organizer of the dinner contacted us last summer to see if we’d be interested in releasing a new video for a new President at their 2009 dinner. The answer: @#$% yeah! When we started JibJab we never could have dreamed of entertaining one sitting US president, let alone two! God bless the Interweb.


12 responses to “Wanna Meet the President?”

  1. No, JibJab are the true superheroes! You folks are right up there.

    As such, it is a minor thing but it was not with “President Bush in attendance” as much as it was with “President Obama in attendance.”

    • Um…you misread what they said. They were referring to the 2007 dinner…and yes, Mr. Bush was president then. The dinner with Mr. Obama was their *second* time there.

  2. Congrats guys! You do realize you are making history! Pretty dang cool and something to be very proud of! Thanks for keeping me and my family laughing during these tough economic times. That’s important too.

    • I agree, this site is cool and funny as well and done in good taste. During these times we all need to laugh it is good for the soul.

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