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As the video started to shape up we were seeing so much incredible art we thought, heck, why not create a store?  Every couple of days we’d see something and say, “Man, that’d be awesome on a T-shirt” so the logical conclusion was to put it on a t-shirt.  And a mug.  And a mousepad.  And a handful of other really cool products.  At first we were a bit wary of “print on demand” products so we ordered a few samples and once they came in we were just blown away by the quality!  Check out the gang sportin’ the samples…


You can nab any of those goodies over at the store! Once we started to get excited about the idea of selling products our Design team went to town.  They began raiding the production folders on our server and grabbing Art from all the members of the team.  Here is just a sampling of the images that they pulled together …


And here’s a sample of what all that great stuff looks like on our products.  Check out the array of high quality goods!  You know you wanna buy stuff, right?  Common, bust out the old credit card and grab some Obama goodness!


A quick side note to the whole store experience – we tried to make Super Obama stamps but the post office said it was a no go.  Here’s a glimpse of what could have been…


3 responses to “The Store”

    • Hey Bart,

      We’re pretty sure that we rented that shirt a few years ago from a costume shop. We may never know which brand to thank for it’s amazing colors.

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