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Plushie Workshop!

We’ve been slacking on our company-wide workshops this month, as our noses went to the grindstone for “He’s Barack Obama”, but today the workshops have returned! For the uninitiated, we have so many talented people here with so many different , every once in a while we all sit down and try to pass along our unique abilities. Trish took the time out of her day to share her plushie making powers with the team, teaching techniques on cutting felt patterns, double threading and general tips to make cool cushy critters. As you can see, we created a JibJab squid in the process! What shall we name it?


3 responses to “Plushie Workshop!”

  1. I gotta tell ya, I relly like your site. You really make your talent work for you! (and me) Thanks to all- can always count on a laugh from the unnecessary force. Ps- inkster the sqid

  2. you should name it “Boris the Red Squid” and he would have a russian accent.(get Red russian it is a culture pun) HAHAHA oh wait I forgot you are not suposed to laugh at your own jokes I guess I’ll go walk away from the computer and curl up in the fetal position from the humiliation

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