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Staff Picks

A site feature that we added a little while ago, and that we love, is called ‘Staff Picks’. It’s exactly what is sounds like: It shows a JibJab employee, their favorite eCard and an explanation of why they like it.

Here’s an example showing Lauren (yes, she does always look like that):


You can find the Staff Picks section on the bottom right of the eCards page.

Fun fact: The Staff Pick picture of each employee is the same one that appears on the back of their business card; here’s Lauren’s:


3 responses to “Staff Picks”

  1. I’m new here so please pardon my ignorance to the site, however I’d like to know, why when I want to create a video, on some it reads Become a Member, when I’m already a member. Any advice would be helpful… Ray,

  2. I want you to bring back breakin and the irish step for non members I miss them so much 8( 😦 ;( :K

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