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Here’s to Beer!

We had the official team viewing of our upcoming Weird Al Yankovic video today, in celebration of the project’s completion!  We’re not giving any peeks away, but our tech team got a kick out of seeing the full video for the first time, as we watched with beers in hand.  The JibJab mini-fridge has an awesome beer selection, kept stocked with fresh flavors all the time.  We’ve got 7 kinds to choose from right now and our bottle cap collection is getting mighty impressive!  Then again, managing 1,300 pictures and videos, millions of member-uploaded heads, page after page of code and keeping dozens of projects in development requires a fridge with this much deliciousness.

Beer Here!

Speaking of delicious, Baja Fresh is giving away free Burritos tomorrow with a beverage purchase.  Considering the Baja across the street from us serves at the unofficial JibJab cafeteria, it would be wrong of us not to share the coupon with you!


2 responses to “Here’s to Beer!”

  1. You should work in a little of Tom T. Hall’s song “I Like Beer” In this kind of weather, anyone who doesn’t like beer must be from another planet..Keep up the good work

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