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Grab Pictures from Facebook While on JibJab!

Have you been signing into JibJab with Facebook connect?  If not, then you’re going to be missing out on some pretty cool features!  The latest released yesterday, the ability to pull photos straight from Facebook to JibJab’s Starring You creation process.  Check the video for the run down on how to raid your photo albums (and your friends photo albums) for castable photos!

5 responses to “Grab Pictures from Facebook While on JibJab!”

  1. I have a question…is it possible to download any of these to “WordPress” which is a popular website…

    I would love to use a lot of these on our site!!!

    Please advise!

    Thanks and keep up the wonderful work…I laugh all the time when I watch and play with the pictures!


  2. Can you share which facebook APIs where used to gain the ability to fetch your photos and your friends’ photos from facebook? If photos are shared to everyone, I am assuming facebook connect is not needed.

    It’s a cool idea! Thanks for you help,


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