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The JibJab office is always beyond hectic.  That’s why every few months Gregg and Evan head somewhere a bit more remote to get away from the day to day craziness of running a web business.  Their go-to spot is always Lake Arrowhead.  It’s close enough to LA that they can drive but it still feels like worlds away.  This time they “holed up” in a log cabin out in the wilderness for several days doing nothing but planning the next year’s worth of moves for JibJab.  Rustic (and cheap)!


3 responses to “Blog Cabin”

  1. I like this. Looks like a very cool place. There are two laptops in the picture. Guys taking a break from work?
    Much appreciated. I really would hate life without new JibJabs. Well, I would get by if you maintained the old ones.
    Thank you for the hours of fun.
    Greg and Evan YOU are awesome!!!

    • Looks like I’m either…
      **A big fan
      **A loser who sits at my desk putting innocent friends and family into silly scenerios
      **Bored and feel this is the best use of my time
      **A JibJab Stalker
      ** The only person who realizes what a blog is

      Just wanted to say.. The new boxes to adjust the heads are AWESOME!!!

  2. Hey, I keep thinking how cool it would be to have “Starring you” fights on Jib Jib. Am I scaring you? Sorry, but I would totally use it all the time. Or, a Mafia gunfight. Or, well, you get the idea. The mafia thing would be great on Facebook.

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