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We’ve got some fun links to share from our various weekend excursions and activities, starting with Ian, one of our uber talented animators,  who just put the finishing touches on his student film that blew us away last year.  Check it out and leave loads of feed back on his youtube channel!


Joey, mecha Marketing and Ad Ops master as well as incredible bicyclist has been sharing videos and pictures of his bike excursions and tricks.  We’re pretty impressed, check them out and be impressed as well!  Extra pics at the Feaverish flickr account.


Justin, king of kitschy tiki and dinosaur art had a showing at the 9th annual Tiki Oasis convention.  Not familiar?  It’s basically the most chill gathering of people ever, celebrating surf and tiki culture.  Justin posted an original bit of artwork for the event over on his blog.


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