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Sun, Sand, Sandwiches!

The JibJab studio is a mere two blocks from the beach, so we love popping over to the shore and eating by the sea on our lunch breaks.  Usually we get so busy here that we don’t the chance to beach it up as often as we’d like, so today we had a little company picnic to try and get some sunshine to the team.   Even so, only half the team could make it out, as the tech team had to bite the bullet and stay inside as they crank away at future Facebook goodies for the site.  No worries though, they still got delicious subs and they’ll likely get their fill of sun tomorrow, as we’re all headed to the Dodger/Cubs game!


Ridiculously delicious subs provided by the world famous Bay Cities Deli of Santa Monica.

3 responses to “Sun, Sand, Sandwiches!”

  1. I think this is funnist stuff i haver seen.
    the crew needs do do one on obama and is health care plan and the death clause, this would be great

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