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Behind the Scenes With The King

With so much Soul Train action all over our site, it might be easy to miss all the intricate new birthday and baby cards we just launched! There are original songs, dances and lots of zingers up. One of our favorites is The King, a rocking and rolling 50’s style birthday bop that will have your toes tapping and knees buckled. We touted a teaser for the King’s Birthday song a few weeks ago to good buzz, hopefully he is popular, because we want to make more! Check out these up close photos of the puppets that Mike made, they’re really quite complicated and we’re stunned at their attention to detail!


6 responses to “Behind the Scenes With The King”

  1. Grandparents Day is Tomorrow! JibJab doesn’t make card for that holiday. W.T.F. I thought greeting card companies made that holiday up just for this purpose.

  2. Thanks for publishing on this subject. There’s a heap of great technical info on the internet currently. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your site. I’m highly impressed – I try to keep a couple of blogs reasonably up-to-date, but it’s hard sometimes. You have done a great job with this one particularly. How do you do it?

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