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A Few Good Causes

What’s with this blog?  It’s always us, us, us!  Today we want to turn the focus to a few causes that we’ve supported in the past and want to share for people to support through the future!  First up is Dallas Clayton’s children’s literacy project, the Awesome World Foundation.  Dallas is a JibJab friend who is a killer writer/illustrator and he’s turned his skills into a mission to both donate books and promote reading all across the country.  Check out his site, videos and books to learn more!


Operation Give’s “Operation Christmas Stocking” has also just gotten under way, an effort to fill the Christmas stockings of troops serving in Iraq.  Stockings ship early in November to get over there, so making a merry one means doing something before the season has officially begun!  Operation Give’s Director Paul Wilton and his group have been doing all sorts of amazing work over the years also getting toys, medical supplies and school materials to kids in Iraq.  In fact, Paul and the soldiers he works with were the faces we used in “Second Term!” Click the image below to see what you can do this year.


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