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Rule of Thumbs

When launching a ton of new content all over the site like we did with Halloween, the responsibilities involved are massive.  Every piece we launch goes through testing, tweaks, renders and troubleshooting with a whole team of people. That aside, one of the biggest tasks can be getting graphics and thumbnails together so we can feature content all over the site as well as our channels on other websites all over the net.  Between newsletters, ads, logos, banners and thumbs, our design team has to create dozens of mini images that best convey what the video or category is all about.  The process is nothing to thumb your nose at, so production team, we salute you!  Here is a small taste of the array of images that went into Halloween’s launch this year.



2 responses to “Rule of Thumbs”

  1. Thank you for all your hard work! Your stuff kicks butt!!! I definitely don’t take your work for granted, cuz the techy stuff on my own blog is overwhelming, so much to learn and so much new stuff…..EEEEEEEEKKKK!

    Thank you for adding some fun to online halloween!

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