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The Unsung Heroes of JibJab

At JibJab, the sexy work often gets the “oos and ahs” of the crowd. Animators animating… product and engineering building cool new features… but who are the guys who make sure you, the audience, can actually experience all that magic? It’s the JibJab network team. From servers to storage to databases, these guys are toiling away (often in a dark, windowless datacenter) making sure that when tens of millions of people slam our servers each week, we can still offer each and every one of them a super fast, snappy experience. And how are they doing? According to, even at our peak season (right now) our average load times are “very fast” and “82% of sites are slower” than us. Here’s to you, JibJab network team! You are so good you make us forget you are even there!

Here they are, joined by co-founders Evan and Gregg. (No, Gregg is not a part-time Nascar driver. The datacenter is freezing cold and he is wearing a jacket provided by Budweiser back in 2005 when the companies were working together.)

And here’s some JibJab trivia for you… the datacenter where these guys built out our massive network is just a block away from this cheap motel Evan and Gregg stayed at after they packed all their earthly belongings into a U-haul truck and moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 2002.

5 responses to “The Unsung Heroes of JibJab”

  1. To everyone at Jibjab———–a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you !!!!
    Can’t tell you how much fun my family and I have gotten from this site! Thank you!

  2. You do a real good job with political humor. Could you close caption the JibJab my brother is deaf but can’t hear. Charlotte Burnham

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a Wonderful Bunch of
    people who bring happiness to soooooooooooo many!!
    Hugs, Rose

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