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2009 – Scene 1: The Train

When we started on this shot we all gravitated to the idea of a calendar turning pages. How else do you show all “the years that have passed in time”? Slowly the idea morphed into a timeline – like the ones in the history books with the dots on the important dates. Finally the timeline became a train track with cars that were constantly bringing new events to the end of the line. (Maybe it’s not the clearest story idea but who can resist playing with toy trains?) For this shot, Devin and Jeff had to build physical props to represent all of human history in about 2 and a half seconds then figure out how the heck to film it!

They started by just blocking it in with placeholder shapes and experimenting with different ways to push the camera down the line. Once the camera move was locked down then fun of finding images to represent different time periods began. If you step through the video frame by frame you might just find a few gems. Here’s some pics and video of the shots evolution…

5 responses to “2009 – Scene 1: The Train”

  1. this is soooooooooo cool ;D!

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwww
    u really work hard man seems so easy but i c now
    good blesss u
    4 your dedication
    to bring laugh smilies to .. just thhat
    u r great as all the amigos you have created his
    dammm i wanna you people live domain 4 ever
    jib jab
    everything i saidnothing is
    if gazillion incoming
    but n u sell
    called jib job
    u never do that i m sure u r realllll
    god bleesss u
    n allah
    n jeovah
    u know
    the gasng is 1 is jib jab

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