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2009 – Scene 25: Governor Sanford

This was probably the longest scene in the whole short so we had to figure out how to keep it engaging and evolving with each new idea presented. We knew we wanted to do a lot of stuff with popsicle sticks on this project and this felt like the perfect opportunity! Below are some shots of Romney designing and building all the character and set pieces. We also knew that we wanted to have people physically remove the set to reveal the airplane and Indian Jones-esque map below so that added a lot of complication to the set up. Alan did a BEAUTIFUL job lighting and setting up the shot plus he designed and animated the map as well…

One response to “2009 – Scene 25: Governor Sanford”

  1. I particularly enjoyed your inclusion of some of our
    most embarrassing and humorous moments ( I live in So.Car.).
    I’m an artist and I love to see that the place where creativity
    takes place is as messy as mine.

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